• Anne Moutsatsou

We see Fashion as Art. Do YOU?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Think about fashion as it once used to be. Now picture how it has become..

Humanity has reached a point were we buy more and wear it for less. Thanks to Fast Fashion the percentage of textile waste is rising at an insanely catastrophic rate. While charities receive more donations than they can handle, huge textile dumps are expanding roughly by one truck of clothing per second. These dump sites together with the production factories are responsible for more than 10% of the global carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, while consuming more energy than that needed for global transportation-aviation and shipping combined!

Is that worthy of art?

Clothing was once unique.

Designed to conceal our nudity and express our soul. The quality of the materials used, made it possible for Fashion items to be passed down from one generation to another in the same manner a family heirloom would. Just like art, fashion was meant to stay, rather than wither away.

It is time we help fashion find its way. We should turn to Ethical Fashion and launch it as a new trend. Help us promote quality over quantity by purchasing sustainable fashion items. Fight against environmental pollution, child labor and worker exploitation around the world.

* Tip: Before Purchasing a product you’ve fallen in love with, ask yourself :

Do I really need it?

Is it ethical?

Is it of good quality?

Will I use it in 5 years?”

Why treat fashion like a one night stand, when it can be the love of a lifetime?

Think Smart! Think Ethical! Think #ConsciousBuying!

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