Our core value is to establish a win win relationship among all involved in this collaboration. 


Customers who are looking for local, eco-friendly, original, creative pieces will easily find what they are searching for on



We use the Drop-shipping method This method has moved to the forefront of online sales all over the world only we have chosen to source them from a much more ethical and creative source. Quality products that represent their own cultural statement or values.


  • It allows for you the “creator” to build on your brand having direct control of how your product reaches your customer ensuring quality service.

  • It also allows you the vendor to make sales without having to deal with the time consuming as well as costly task of driving traffic to your site. recognizes its responsibility for the social impact it has on customers and suppliers. It aims to inspire and facilitate people to contribute positively to society while promoting local products in the hopes of ensuring a healthier socio-economic cycle.

Marketing by the platform will target these customers!