Anne Moutsatsou

Marketing director

Committed to building strong customer relationships and continually developing a client base as well as establish a loyal following that appreciate our incentive for creating sales based on a healthy process at every level of the production cycle of any product.


Liz Moutsatsou

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Creative Product Designer

Extending world class creative designs to marketing materials while working collaboratively with a creative team. Inspiring the brand and e-shop experience.  


Tia Peraki

Content Writer &

Eco Warrior

I steer my passion for writing, using it as a medium to communicate a brand message and utilise PR outreach to online publications with good content.


Peruze V.

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Marketing Consultant 

As a freelance marketing consultant I work on a more independent level bringing experience to the business, advising senior staff and recruiting or training junior staff and provide digital solutions (i.e. website etc.)